How can my loved one get into your care centres?

Each person must be assessed by their Physician and be placed on the Transition Services List through Alberta Health Services. Transition Services will then ask you to tour possible care centres and choose 3 possible care facilities you would like your loved one to move to.

Transition Services determines where your loved one will be placed and notifies the care centre. There are many factors in the decision to confirm admission such as, and not limited to:

  • Is the resident being admitted from hospital?
  • Is there a waiting list for the preferred care centre?
  • How urgently is the bed required?
  • Bed availability?
  • What are the care needs of the resident?

For more information contact AHS – Transition Services at (403) 943-1685

How do I arrange a tour at Father Lacombe or Providence Care Centre?

You can arrange a tour by calling the care centre business office.

  • Father Lacombe Care Centre: (403) 256-4641
  • Providence Care Centre: (587) 393-1350

Is there a dietician on staff to assist with special diets?

Father Lacombe Care Society provides a dietitian consultant to regularly review our menus and their nutritional values. For a special dietary need, the dietitian assesses the resident’s requirements and recommends a prescribed diet, following-up regularly to ensure the special diet program is meeting the resident’s needs.

How many people do you care for?

There are 114 residents in Father Lacombe Care Centre and an additional 160 residents in Providence Care Centre. There are approximately 85 additional people from the community participating in our Adult Day Program.

Are all residents and clients Catholic?

Although both homes are owned by the Sisters of Providence therefore hold Catholic values, the care is inclusive and non-denominational. At any given time, about 30-35% of the residents are Catholic. Our core values of excellence, compassion, justice, spirituality and sacredness of life are inherent in our care for everyone. Father Lacombe Care Society is the oldest Catholic continuing care organization in Calgary.

How are operations different in a non-profit facility?

Registered charitable organizations like Father Lacombe Care Society can seek capital funding through donations rather than additional fees, and can channel extra income directly to resident and client care – there is no shareholder.